Friday, November 1, 2013

A Special Day...

Happy 19th Birthday

I Love You!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 1994

The phone rang around 5am. Good news! My cousin C gave birth to a whopper of a baby boy at 4:30am.

I will be so happy, and relieved, when my little one finally decides to make an appearance.

I'm ready!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

6:45am - My eyes pop open to a hard and crampy contraction. I have to go potty. But I can't move til this contraction eases-up.





Now to the potty. (TMI?!)

Lost mucus plug.

Thoughts running through my head...

*He is getting ready to go to work. Will tell him to be by the phone, just incase.
I need to get the girls ready and off to school.*

Wash hands.

I feel something warm running down my legs. Oh no! I'm I wetting myself?

Back on the potty.


Whoa! My water just broke.

I hollar for him. *You can't go to work water just broke!*

I get myself cleaned-up. He's on the phone...calling everyone.

I need to call J, my midwife to tell her.

She says, *Are you sure?*

*Yes, J, I'm sure. It's running down my legs :)*

She chuckles and says, *Ok, then head to the hospital.*

So, I shower.

Grab the bag, a few towels for the *water*, and Chelsea's picture...I need her with me.

Drop the girls off at my SIL's. She does a frenchbraid in my hair, gives me hug and well wishes, and prayers that all goes well.

And we are off to the hospital 45 minutes away...Contractions are settling in at 2 minutes apart and 1 minute long. 1 minute break inbetween each one. Still bearable. I can do this!

We arrive at the hospital L&D around 8:45am. Nurse Robin is there :)

She looks up and says, *You're not scheduled for a NST are you?*

*No. My water broke - so reserve yourself today...I want you to be with me.*

Tended to by Nurse Diana, whom I do not remember ever meeting before -

Vitals checked:

BP - ok

Weight - Well this is it. I gained a grand total of 35 lbs. Not bad for a Banana Split diet. :)

Exam - 1cm. Contracting every 2 minutes at 1 minute long. + Amniotic Fluid. *Yes, Mrs. P, you're in LABOR.* (I knew that!)

My mind was trying to wrap around this. I still have 9cm to go. I want to do this NATURAL, NO DRUGS.

I opt for the tub to try to relax ... with the agreement that they will check FHB every 10 minutes.

No arguement there!

I'm not watching the time. Too busy getting thru the contractions.

But at some point I had to go potty.

He and J help me out of the tub and to the toilet.

J checks me again. 4-5 cm.

I can't move to get back to the tub.

Something has happend.

The contractions are strong and forceful. It's difficult to stay focused.

J is massaging my back and hips, cooling me with a cold rag, feeding me ice chips.

He is sitting in front of me, reaching around to stroke my back.

More contractions. Harder. Stronger.

A deep groan escapes me.

J asked if I felt like to push? I am so zoned I can't answer her verbally.

She checks me again.

In 30 minutes I went from 4-5cm to 9cm.

So that was TRANSITION?!

Ok, off the potty and into the bed. On the way to the bed another contraction over takes me and my knees giveout. He is trying to hold me up as J dives under me, just incase this little one shoots out.

Alls well.

They get me to the bed and all goes calm and peaceful.

The LULL before the actual pushing begins.

So there I lay, holding onto the handgrips, (I'm sure my knuckles were white). Waiting. Unsure of what is happening. Just waiting.

(I really wanted to deliver in the squat position, but my legs were like mush.)

Then it starts up again. Not painful contractions, but oh, so forceful.

13 minutes of the PUSHING stage.

Nurse Robin is snapping pictures and checking the video camera.

6 1/2 hours of labor from start to finish. No drugs. No time for drugs or an epidural if I did choose to go that route.

November 1 @ 1:23pm my baby is born.


J says, *Here she is!* And plops her on my belly.

Through my tears I say, *It's a girl?*

Laughing, she says, *Oh, let me check.* ... *Yes, it's a girl!*

Thank you, Lord for this Special Blessing!

So this little baby girl is laying on my belly, just looking at me.

I look down at her and a tidal wave of pure love crashes over me.

Here I was, for 9 months, wondering how I was going to love this new little one as much as I love Chelsea.

I didn't have to divide my love between my children ... Love multiplys!!! My friend was right. She told me it would happen, and it did.

So, this little girl is very pudgy and squishy. Must have been all those banana splits.

She has patches of red hair.

Irish temper???

J takes her so they can cut the cord.

Oh, she did not like that. She cried. Her first cry. Music to my ears.

She is back on my belly and we are covered with a nice warm blanket.

I talk. She looks at me. She knows my voice. Amazing!

Nurse D tries to put my baby to my breast, but I stop her. We are going to let this little one find it on her own.

She asks J if she should give me some Pitocin to help deliver the placenta. J says *No.*

Maybe Nurse D was in a hurry?! Wanted things to move along alittle quicker?!

That's what I like about a midwife (not all, but most) ... she was not rushing my body to do what it would do naturally. If intervention was needed, she would opt for it. NOT just because she had other plans she wanted to be getting to.

But things were going along as they should.

Soon enough after baby birth, I deliver the placenta. No Pitocin needed.

It is determined that I need stitches. (11 of them)

Me and My Special Blessing are tended to with utmost care.

They even called the kitchen to send up some food.

I was so hungry. The last I ate was supper the night before. The ice chips I ate during labor were not filling at all.

After a while she finds my breast, on her own.

We were given precious bonding time.

Then she was weighed and measured. 8lbs 12.7 oz & 20 inches of absolutely pure incredible life-altering love.

Footprints, eye-ointment.

J gave her a nice warm bath...laughing because putting a baby back into the warm water makes them return to the position they were in while in-utero. My little one was all-sprawled-out. J says I must have a huge pelvis that she would be able to sprawl-out like that.

After a while, Grammy S came in to visit. My cousin R came to visit (sister of cousin C who had baby this morning)

Then I remembered ... Nurse Joanna wanted to be called so she could be with us for the birth. Ooops! I was a bit preoccupied to remember to call her.

I was told she would be on shift tomorrow.

I hope she isn't upset with me.

When he calls the family to let everyone know that *Evelyn Nicole* has arrived, Granny is happy. Her namesake is alive and well. She raised her hands and said her Thank You to God.

She will not be with us for long.

Hospice even commented to my sister that they were amazed that she was still hanging-on.

My sister told them that she had 2 great-grandbabies to be born and she is probably waiting for them to arrive.

Here, they were born the same day, 9 hours apart, in the same hospital.

At my request, the staff was informed that my little one is to remain in my room at all times...she will not be going to the nursery.

That evening, I made a few calls myself. One of them to the bereavement group coordinator to give her the wonderful news ... Chelsea's has baby sister ... alive and healthy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

October 31, 1994

Here we are at 39 weeks. The contractions have eased-up.

Appointment today...

Gained 1 lb
BP- ok
Urine - ok
FHB - ok

Exam - Almost 1cm!!! There has been a little bit of progress.

BPP day after tomorrow.

I love you!

October 28, 1994

38+ weeks. Coming to the finish line.

Appointment today.

Gained 2 1/2 lbs ... retaining fluid ( and maybe a banana split or two :) )
BP - alittle high due to contraction
Urine - ok
FHB - ok

Cervix is still 80%, but is now soft. These contractions sure aren't working hard enough! UGG!!!

Next appointment October 31.
Also, a BPP scheduled for November 2.

I love you!

October 26, 1994

We are at 38 weeks.
Contractions started yesterday around 5:30am. Steady. 5 minutes apart. They continued like that, so around 10am, I called my midwife to let her know what was going on ... 5 minutes apart, but not getting stronger or closer together. Will stay put for now. Will call her if anything changes.

Contractions stopped around 7pm.

Midwife called me next morning to check on me. Said to come in. She knows how anxious I am. She was there when I had Chelsea.

Still at 80%. No change.

I love you!

October 21, 1994

We are 37+ weeks along.

Appointment today...

Gained 2 1/2 lbs
BP - ok
Urine - ok

FHB 125 - 155 bpm
Having a few Contractions

Cervix at 80% & closed.

I love you!

October 14, 1994

On the treshold ... 36+ weeks.

Appointment today...

Gained 3 1/2 lbs
BP -ok
Urine - ok
FHB - 136 bpm

NST was fine.
Having contractions.

I love you!

October 7, 1994

We are 35+ weeks. Almost there!
Appointment today.

Gained 1/2 lb
BP - ok
Urine - ok
FHB - 163 (due to Breathine)

No change from last week. Still 50% and closed.
Discontinue Breathine. When labor comes, it comes.

NST & BPP ... We scored a *10*
The cord is free and baby is fine.

All good news. Now if only I could calm my heart and breathe easy.

I love you!

September 30, 1994

We are at 34 weeks.

Before leaving to go to my appointment today, I used the bathroom.
There was blood on the tissue.

UTI, again!
Gained 3lbs
BP - ok
Urine - UTI
FHB - 125 - 150 bpm
Contraction every 4 minutes, due to UTI

Examined today. Cervix is 50% thinned, but closed.

Put on bedrest and Breathine.

Stay-put little one. It's still too early for you to come.
I love you!

September 22, 1994

At 33 weeks, I've been told that my belly looks lower.
Midwife says *Baby has engaged. That's good! It is less that has to happen when I go into labor.*

September 16, 1994

Appointment today.

Gained 2 1/2 lbs
BP - ok
Urine - ok ... A shock to me. I just can not stay away from the icecream stand. Banana Splits!!!
FHB - 151 bpm

Baby is still head-down.
Next appointment in 2 weeks with a Non-Stress Test.

I love you!

September 12, 1994

32 weeks ... so far, so good.

My thoughts always travel to what was going on at this point in my pregnancy with Chelsea.
32 weeks...premature labor.

Active baby.
Swelling in my feet and ankles
Doing well

I apologize to this little one all the time for the question that is always in my mind...
How am I ever going to love this little one as much as I love Chelsea?

I do love you!

September 5, 1994

We are 31 weeks along.

The jumble of emotions can be overwhelming at times.
The sadness and grief.
The happiness and excitement for the arrival of this little one.
I pray for peace. I need peace for my mind and heart.

I love you!

September 2, 1994

Appointment today.

30 weeks
Gained 4 1/2 lbs
BP - ok
Urine - ok
FHB - 135 bpm

Baby still head-down.
Midwife thinks I will have this little one before my November 7 due date.
We'll see.
She has a lending library in her office. She let me borrow a *Child-birth* video. Need to brush up on the breathing and relaxing techniques.

I love you!

August 29, 1994

We are at 30 weeks.

This will be my last week for work.
Dr says it's too much stress, causing pressure, cramping, and some contractions.

Husband isn't too happy about it, but to me ... mine and this baby's well-being are far more important than the paycheck and bank account.

I love you!

August 22, 1994

We are 29 weeks along. Just 11 weeks to go.

Feeling ok, except my energy level is down.
Not sure much longer I will be able to work.

I love you!

August 18, 1994

Did the GTT today. The goo they make us drink for that is nauseating.

Also had an ultrasound today.
Debbie, the tech, recognized us. She cautiously told us that she was the one that did the ultrasound when I was in labor. She said she cried for days. Then, she asked about the baby. We told her that Chelsea was an Angel. She was most sympathetic.
On the other hand, she was happy to us again. And happy to tell us that our little one looks great. Head down. Cord free of entanglement.
She wished us the best with our new little one.


Gained 4 1/4 lbs
BP - ok
Urine - ok
FHB - ok

I love you!

August 15, 1994

We are 28 weeks along.

Feeling ok.
I go back to work this week.
Appointment this week for 1 hour GTT, Ultrasound, and Midwife.

I love you!

August 10, 1994

We are 27 weeks along.

Put on Breathine for contractions.
Stay on low-dose of Antibiotics to combat UTI's.

Dr. recommened for me to stop working. Husband is not happy about that. So, I will continue to work. Dr doesn't want me stressed-out and cause any more problems for me or the baby ... says to let him know when I've had enough.

I love you!

August 3 - 6, 1994

Admitted to hospital.
UTI. Right Kidney Pain. Vomiting. Fever.
IV fluids and Antibiotics.
Contractions every 5 minutes due to UTI.
Diagnosed as Pre-Term Labor.

I love you!

August 1, 1994

We are 26 weeks along.

Right Kidney pain.

I love you!

July 25, 1994

We are 25 weeks along.

Feeling good, except for both Sciatica's are bothering me.
Shooting pains down both legs to my feet.

I love you!

July 18, 1994

We are 24 weeks along.

Feeling ok.
Banana Splits.

I love you!

July 15, 1994

Appointment today.

We are 23 weeks along.
Gained 5 1/2 lbs since last appointment.
BP - ok
Urine - ok
FHB - 130's

Talk about the contractions. Told to take it easy and go straight to hospital if needed.

I've been craving Banana Splits!!!

I love you!

July 11, 1994

We are 23 weeks along.

I've been noticing more contractions, especially when I vaccum the floors.
When I stop and rest, the contractions stop.
Will talk about this at my appointment this week. Or go to the hospital if need be.

I love you!

My niece was born on July 8, 1994. Happy Birthday Megan!
Your little cousin should be arriving in about 4 months.

July 3, 1994

We are 22 weeks along.
Feeling good!

Baby is very active.

It will be interesting to see my weight-gain at my next appointment. Hunger is ever-present. I can't seem to eat enough!

I love you!

June 27, 1994

We are 21 weeks along.

Feeling some contracting if I over-do it.
I'm sure my stress level doesn't help, either.

Taking it easy helps.

I love you!

June 20, 1994

Appointment today.

We are 20 weeks along
Gained 3 3/4 lbs
BP- ok
Urine - ok
FHB - 140-160 ... why?

This little one does not like any pressure on my belly!
When my midwife palpated my uterus to check the size, the baby got all-ralled-up.
Then when she put the doppler on, the heartrate started out at 140 and increased to 160.
We laughed!
What are we in for once this little one is born?
Afterall, our backrounds are German, Irish, and Italian.

I love you ... temper and all !!!

Chelsea's 1 year is weighing heavy on me. Please forgive me for the stress I know you are feeling from me.

June 13, 1994

We are 19 weeks along!

June 6, 1994

We are 18 weeks along.
So far, so good.

I love you!

June 1, 1994

Appointment today.

17 weeks
Gained 1 1/2 lbs
BP - ok
Urine - ok
FHB - 146 bpm

Midwife, J, said the baby was all over the place when she placed the doppler on my belly.

I love you!

May 30, 1994

We are 17 weeks along.
Feeling good. The all-day sickness is gone.

May 23, 1994

We are 16 weeks along. An active little one in there.
Feeling pretty good. Still tired, but the nausea is subsiding a great bit.

I love you!

May 18, 1994

I was awoken at 5:30am. I was laying on my back and there was a pushing, from the inside, at my bellybutton. It felt like a little golfball in there.

It was the baby doing just what big-sister, Chelsea, did.
More tears! A bittersweet moment.

Oh, how I love you!

May 17, 1994

Tonight, a test. I was laying on my back and pressing on my belly.

HA!!! The baby hit me! Just a tap, but still ... it was as if this little one was telling me to stop disturbing the nap-time.

I love you!

May 16, 1994

I am 15 weeks along. The all-day sickness is starting to ease up.

I am feeling the baby move. Rubbing sensations on the inside. Such a wonderful feeling.

We picked-out names.
If this little one is a girl, she will be named after my grandmother.
When I told Granny, she cried.
We'll have to see which one it will be after the baby is born.

I love you!

May 6, 1994

Appointment today.

I am 13 1/2 weeks along.
Gained 2 lbs
BP - ok
Urine Test - ok
Baby's heart rate 153 bpm

All is well.

I love you!

While in the waiting room at the office, I saw one of the nurses from the hospital. One of the nurses that hugged me and cried with me last time I was there ... for Chelsea.

She asked how I was doing and when I told her I was pregnant ... she cried tears of joy this time..

She wants me to call her when I go into labor so she can be there with me.

April 27, 1994

I am 12 weeks along.

I had another ultrasound today...for peace of mind. The baby looks healthy.
All body parts are normal for a 12 week old.

At first the little one was napping. With alittle prodding, this baby was all over the place with a flip, and a patty-cake, and what looked like trying to stand on hands and head, then settled down and was sucking the thumb.

Tears of joy. Chuckles of laughter.
I love you!

April 11, 1994

Appointment today.

I am 10 weeks along.
Gained 1/2 lb.
BP - good.
Urine test - ok.
Baby's heartbeat 156 bpm.

I've tried the potato chips and lemonade nausea-fighting snack. It does help alittle.

My clothes are tight already. Having to wear elastic waist-band clothing.

I love you!

March 30, 1994

Today I had an ultrasound done.

Just 1 baby.

At 8 weeks, you are a miniature little person in there, moving your little arms and legs.
Your little heart beating. Such a sweet sound.
Tears of joy!

I love you, My Special Blessing!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

March 28, 1994

Appointment today.

I am 8 weeks along
lost 2 lbs
BP good
Urine test ok - no sugar
All bloodwork from the 5 tubes taken at last appointment is normal.

We talked about the all-day sickness. My midwife, J, told me about an article she read ... Potato Chips and Lemonade to combat the nausea.
Strange, but the combination of the salt and sour seems to work for many women.
OK, I'll give it a try.

I love you!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

March 11, 1994

My first appointment.

I am 5 1/2 weeks along
5 tubes of blood taken
gained 1/2 lb
urine test was +sugar

I was gestational diabetic with Chelsea, therefore I need to be extra careful.

Next appointment in 2 weeks.

Morning sickness is not just morning sickness ... it's morning, noon and night sickness.

I love you!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Today, November 1, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday
to my
Special Blessing

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 1, 1994

Today I found out that you, my precious one, are snuggled safe inside of me.
I am so happy that you are there.
You are a gift, A SPECIAL BLESSING, from Heaven above.

It was just 2 months ago I prayed about this.
Your big sister going to Heaven has been so devistating, so heart breaking! I prayed and told the Lord that I could not handle another one leaving me...and if that is what my future held, then I don't ever want to get pregnant.

And here you are.
Please bear with me as I process these mixed up emotions of grief and happiness.

I love you!